Swedish-made flower boxes

Black self-watering flower box in 2 parts with overflow hole.
A water box and a planting box with suction blanket.
Brand: Emperi
Material: Aluminium

Variant 1: 30x30 cm / 35x35 cm (inside/outside)
Variant 2: 40x30 cm / 45x35 cm (inside/outside)
Variant 3: 50x30 cm / 55x35 cm (inside/outside)
Variant 4: 60x30 cm / 65x35 cm (inside/outside)
Variant 5: 70x30 cm / 75x35 cm (inside/outside)
Variant 6: 80x30 cm / 85x35 cm (inside/outside)
Variant 7: 90x30 cm / 95x35 cm (inside/outside)
Variant 8: 100x30 cm / 105x35 cm (inside/outside)
Variant 9: 100x30 cm divided / 105x35 cm (inside/outside)

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Starting at 1,420.00 kr